Flight Bag

Hello, I am a soon to be ATP student and was wondering: do I need to buy a special made flight bag for my training, or can I get away with using a bag I already own (such as a backpack) to save some money. I know ATP has flight bags on the required items list so I assume buying one is important, but I thought I would ask before purchasing.

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Eli R

Just use the ATP issued backpack. It is more than enough I’ve found and saves money from having to buy anything.

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You will most certainly want a flight bag. They are just set up to handle flight equipment better than a backpack is. I used one similar to this: https://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/flight-gear-hp-captain-s-bag.html

But no need to buy now, you could always show up and see what other people are using.


Thanks for your response, Chris. I will take your advice and hold off until I know what I want.

Thanks for your reply, it’s a nice backpack. That is what I was thinking.

I used the ATP backpack through training. When I started instructing, I bought a bag similar to what Chris posted up. Fits the headset, GATS jar, flashlight, pens/paper, iPad and spare battery … with room to spare for Doritos, Mountain Dew and Sour Patch Kids :joy:

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Cheetoh dust? Nah, not from CFIs… there must have been a checkride in that plane before you.