Flight Bags

Any advice on what flight bag to go with for the program? I would assume I would need a bag that could be used as a hybrid for both pilot gear/supples, iPad, charts, pens, paper, etc., as well as any overnight supplies. I have the one I used for my PPL, but that would be useless for any overnight flights, as it is very small. What specific ones did ya’ll use?



I would use two bags, one for your clothes and other overnight gear and one bag for all your pilot supplies. Your overnight bag will go in the way back of the airplane, but your pilot bag should be accessible to you. I bet your small PPL bag will be just fine. I have noticed that people tend to over-purchase on bags. I know that I did and ended up lugging a massive bag around with me that I didn’t need to.


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Thanks Chris,
So a Nike duffel bag would probably be fine for overnights?

That would be perfect. It is essentially what I used.