Flight Cancellations

Hey guys,

When a flight gets cancelled, what happens to the pilots? I was curious because my flight was cancelled this morning flying out of SFO due to weather delays, and it looks like it might be cancelled again tomorrow morning too. What happens in these situations?


Hi Brandon,

It depends? If they were SFO based pilots and line holders they get to go home and still get paid for the trip. If they were reserve pilots it depends when the trip got cancelled? If it was before their showtime at the airport they could be reassigned to something else, if it was after they showed up they should be released and get the credit for the trip. If they weren’t SFO based they may have to stay the next day (and the next) but then they’re usually getting premium pay. Much of this depends on the pilot contract and some are better than others.



At United the pilots stand a good chance of being reassigned into another trip, but even if they aren’t they will still get paid the full value of their trip or the reassigned trip, whichever is greater.