Flight instructing costs

I have a couple questions about the garunteed flight instructor job.

  1. Do I have to find my own students to instruct, or does the school provide students for me to teach.
  2. I know it’s a paid instructing job but do I have to pay for any of the flight costs while instructing (fuel, rental, etc…)?
    Thank you.
    Kade Brower


Short answer no and no.

  1. ATP has hundreds of students starting every years and does a fine job of spreading the wealth. Students sign up for ATP’s Career Pilot Program, they choose a location and are assigned an instructor. It’s a flight instructor position not a job in sales.

  2. ATP provides the students, the airplanes, fuel, study materials, landing fees, insurance and anything else you can think of. In exchange you agree to provide the high level and quality of instruction that ATP guarantees all it’s students. Sound fair?


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Thank you! Sounds good and fair to me.