Flight instructing in Columbus Ohio

Hey y’all. I need something answered here. I’m just about done with my commercial, instrument, SEL, MEL. I’m about to start CFI in January. My question is, what is instructing like in Columbus, Ohio as opposed to Arizona. Obviously weather is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But main thing is, how often could I expect to fly on average there. Here in AZ instructing is a full time gig which is great but it’s it not in Ohio because of weather? Do instructors in Ohio usually have second jobs?? My son lives in Ohio if anybody is wondering why I would consider leaving this warm state.


Obviously it depends on the flight school you’re instructing for. If it’s a busy flight school you’ll be busy, if it’s not you won’t I recommend you start talking to the schools you’re considering and ascertain some average numbers.



I would stay in Arizona. The weather is far more conducive to flight training and you will likely build your hours much faster there.


Thanks Chris!