Flight Instructor Program

Hello, I’ve got a quick question about how the flight instructor bit of the program works: do you go into that as soon as your certified in order to gain flight hours? What duties does being a flight instructor entail?


Upon successful completion of the program you will be given a list a available locations to instruct at. Hopefully one of them works for you, if not you can list for your preference but there may be a delay.

Your primary duty is to provide flight and ground instruction for you students and help prepare them for their checkrides. ATP has created the curriculum so you simply need to follow it.


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So you’ll finish all your ratings in the program first through MEI. After program completion, you have the opportunity to be offered an instructor position with ATP. If you accept, you will attend instructor Indoc and then be placed at a location and start flying right away. The responsibilities of a CFI are quite extensive making sure your student is always operating the aircraft safely, maintaining situational awareness, implementing training activities for a required phase, providing both ground and sim instruction and guiding the student through the self study the program requires. It’s a lot but CFI school will prepare you for the rigors of being a CFI.



Welcome, welcome! Like Adam & Hannah both mentioned, upon completing the program (in good standing), ATP will offer you a list; in which you can put three locations and/or “first availability” as your location selections. Some locations may have an excess of instructors waiting because of popularity, hometown, and/or where they did their training as a student…so the way may be a little. Once you are hired by ATP as an independent contractor, you are then placed into a phase called “CFI Indoc” where you will fly to Florida, have ground sessions (these may be conducted via Zoom) and complete tests (such as Flight Ops Manuals and Airplane Flight Manuals), and demonstrate that you can fly the plane while teaching to ATP standards. There are regulations that we as CFIs have to follow, documentation retention, safety of flight, ensuring students are learning and answering any questions they may have. If you are into reading more in depth about what duties that we have, visit this link: Chapter 8: Aviation Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism.

Working hard through the program and maintaining a professional attitude will best serve you in getting a position with ATP as a CFI. When you start Day 1 at ATP, it’s like an interview, your performance and attitude will be viewed.


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