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Flight instructors responsibilities

What entails being a “flight Instructor” responsibility day to day? Full 40 hour week? Mainly to teach new students I assume but I am reading on Glassdoor’s website (which isn’t always the best) but mentions time in a call center, it also brings up that some are not being able to get to you 1500 hours as fast as you want to because you’re busy doing other items? How does a flight instructor accrue hours if they are instructing someone else? What hours are counted hours? Is an instructor limited to hours they can accrue weekly? I figured you need 875 hours if you receive 650 from your first 9 months as a student.; at 20 hours per week it would take you roughly 42 weeks. But that seems fast any insight on this would be great.

Also full disclosure for anyone reading this, I wouldn’t rely on Glassdoor for solid reviews. Being that their are on 17 on the site it seems to be a lot of people complaining about having to “work” ha!


Being a CFI with ATP is a full time job, it can be five days per week, but if you want to get to the airlines quickly I recommend working on weekends as well.

The days of working in the call center at ATP are long over. Nowadays CFIs are responsible for providing ground and flight instruction, along with proctoring FAA written exams.

The time spent instructing students in the airplane is logged by both the student and the instructor, that is how the CFI builds flight time. CFIs are limited to eight hours of flight time per day, but I have to tell you that it would be very hard to fly that much in a day.

A huge part of being a CFI is providing ground instruction to your students. Obviously this is not flight time, but it is necessary for the student to learn the material before going up in the air.

When I was a CFI, I flew about 65-85 hours per month.


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