Flight school financing question

I am considering becoming an airline pilot, and I have been researching the cost of flight school. So, let me give you a scenario. I get my bill at the end of the month or course, and I use all of my loans for that period to pay some of the bill, and I still have some balance left over to pay for that month (loans did not cover full amount). If I do not have the money in my hand to cover the rest of the bill, is it a good idea to pay off the remaining balance with a low interest credit card?


Your personal finances are your personally finances. You can pay however you like, whether it’s a good idea or not is up tp you? Keep in mind there is no monthly “bill”. If you take out a loan it’ll be paid directly to ATP but regardless there aren’t equal monthly payments. The course is paid in segments as you progress. For more details contact ATP.


Adam, that seems good. I will contact ATP. Thank you.