Flight training

Hello, I am a 17 year old senior in high school, with no flight experience. I have done an introductory flight and it’s definitely my career path. I am going to college next year and majoring in professional piloting at a 4 year college where I will get all my ratings up to my multi engine, I know I will not have the hours to apply for a regional airline but coming out of college, I’ll have all rating including my CFI, what is my best route to obtain these hours, the school I am attending has a partnership with the envoy airlines pilot pipeline program, is that the best route?


I am not very familiar with the Envoy Pipeline program, but at first glance it seems like an interesting program. I would be curious to know how long you are committed to Envoy if you do this program and what the penalty would be should you decide to leave early. It would behoove you to find both of those things out. As you become more familiar with the industry you might decide that you would like to work for another airline, or Envoy might suit you perfectly.

Most pilots build their flight time by flight instructing, that is what I did. There really aren’t too many other ways, although some people do things like tow banners or fly sky jumpers. Flight instructing is by far the most reliable path to the airlines.

Which school are you planning on attending?


Hi Mason,

I’ve heard good things about Envoy (formerly Eagle). As Chris said, I’d like to know what kind of commitment they require from you? Right now the Regionals need YOU and if you’ve got the licenses, ratings and time you can have YOUR pick. Just make sure you’re not getting locked into anything that doesn’t work for you.


I am attending the university of central Missouri and majoring in professional piloting.


I believe the commitment from Envoy is 24 months. If you leave within the first 12 months, you have to pay back every single dollar they spent in Tuition Reimbursement, sign-on bonus, and any other incentives. If you leave between 13-24 months, your repayment is pro-rated. I hope that helps.

Please I am a Ghanaian National who have desired to be a pilot all my life. Please how can I enrol and what are the financial assistance to help such desirous people. Thank you


To enroll you will need to contact the admissions department. The only financial assistance that is available is loans, but to qualify either you or your co-signer need to be a US citizen or permanent legal resident.


Wow. So it means if I cannot afford the amount since I do not have a resident permit too. I must forget about such a dream I want to pursue.

Unfortunately, it means that ATP Flight School (and most other US based schools) will not be available to you. There might be other resources that are available in your home country.