FlyExclusive April 2021

So this month was a weird one, but a great one. I logged 0 hours but had some wonderful time off. I asked to switch one rotation to a 15 on, 13 off just for this month so I could attend two back to back weddings. I lucked out and ended up getting home standby for the entire 15 day trip. My bags were packed and I was ready for a call but it never came so I enjoyed 15 extra days at home getting full pay! Then I had 13 days off for vacation for the weddings. Don’t worry, I’m back to flying now but definitely appreciated the break.


#bestscheduleever :slight_smile:


Do you live in base or commute?

I work for a Part 135 charter company that offers homebasing. So what that means is the pilots are allowed to live wherever and the company pays for a positive space ticket to fly us to wherever the airplane is to start our trips.