flyExclusive Partnership Questions

I know ATP partners with some Part 135 operators, I am interested in one particular company, flyExclusive. I am wondering if anyone here has experience with the company? Are ATP instructors being hired BEFORE 1500 hours as FO//SIC? It would be cool to hear about any hiring or mentor programs available through the ATP partnerships? Are you getting a guaranteed interview at 500 hours and then having to instruct to get to 1500? I would love to build time through a 135 operator but if that is not realistic I will just kill that thought now.


You’ve come to the right place! Before Skywest, I was at FlyExclusive. Feel free to browse my bio and schedules section for a little behind the scenes on what it was like to work there. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the company. I loved my time there and the experiences I had gave me a huge advantage compared to my classmates in initial 121 training.
To get to your questions, yes ATP does partner with FlyExclusive which provides opportunities for preferential interviews. However, I’m not sure if the specific hiring minimums at this time. When I went through the program, it was 1500 hrs because all SICs were getting PIC types rated along with an ATP. Now, things are changing rapidly as pilot demand increases. By the time you complete training and build some hours as a flight instructor, I’d investigate that program.