Flying headaches

Hello again aviators.

Since I’m currently working on my private pilot license, I tend to fly at low altitudes. The problem is, I end up getting headaches most of the time when I’m flying. The only explanation I can think of is just air pressure or the constant altitude changes because of the amount of times I am doing take offs and landings at once (7 or 8). However, this bothers me and some times I just feel like to land immediately.

This concerns me because I am only going up to about 3500 ft max. What if I end up flying commercial? I think that’s a lot to handle.

Does any one know what this really is, and what steps I should take to prevent it?

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Keep in mind these are merely suggestions as I am no way qualified to diagnose you medically. Perhaps the headaches are from a headset that is clamped to tightly, or from dehydration. Do you have sinus problems or are you currently sick? The sinuses are very sensitive to pressure changes and it can be incredibly uncomfortable when you cannot equalize the pressure. I would consult your AME(aviation medical examiner) as they are much more qualified than myself to help you pinpoint your problem.

Robert, thanks for your quick response. Yes I do have sinus problems and I guess that’s the case here. However, I didn’t think that dehydration has an affect… I guess I should be drinking more water… Thanks for the help!

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None of us are doctors and I strongly recommend you speak with yours before investing your time and money into this career. Hopefully it’s nothing but you want to know sooner than later.


Have you flown commercially recently? Cabin altitude would be at around 8000ft and 6000 on the Dreamliner. Someone correct me on those numbers if I’m wrong. Did you have those headaches while flying with the big boys?


I would absolutely recommend that you speak with an aviation medical doctor about this one. It sounds a bit unusual and should be resolved before you continue much further with your flight training.


Were you able to resolve this issue? Any Update?