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Flying the line

Hey guys, just to confirm do pilots pay for their own hotel rooms while flying the line? Also is per diem earned every hour away from the base?


Hotel expenses are covered by the airline and your understanding of per
diem is correct.


At envoy it says you get 4 payed hotel nights is there something I am missing? That would be a lot of money per month on hotels. (if you pick up a fat line it could be as much as $2000 a month) That’s not even an amazing hotel because that just calculates for $100 dollars per night. If you got one for more than that it could be the most expensive thing that you pay per month! Is that just for commuting problems or for all month? Clearly I am missing something.

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That is four courtesy hotels per month in your base, basically a clause for commuting pilots. All hotels while on actual assignment are directly paid for by the company.


Can those nights still be used even if i’m not a commuter?

I suppose, but they would be in your base. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a hotel room where you live. It isn’t just four nights to use wherever you like.


I would think those would only be available for pilots who are commuters and there would be some paperwork to submit (ie, showing the trip, the flight you took and why you couldn’t fly in that day etc). Otherwise you’d have a thousand pilots getting hotel rooms for their family and friends or just saving themselves a drive in or home on a daily basis. Unfortunately when a company tries to do something to benefit the pilots there’s always people who will abuse it.


Also any idea what brands the hotels use?

Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton… or was it Motel 6? I forget?

Seriously you guys are killing me…