Food/Drink Policy


This isn’t a really serious question but out of curiosity I was wondering about the eating and drinking policy. Could you bring a “lunch box” with you on flights and drinks or do you have to eat the food the airplane serves. Also if you’d chose to eat the airplane food would you get access to first class meal options or economy?

Thanks, Androu


Many pilots bring their own food and beverages and yes if there’s a First Class cabin, most contracts state the pilots will get them.


Yes you can, and many pilots do, bring a lunchbox. Especially at the regional level where we have long days with quick turns. There simply isn’t enough time to run out and grab food. Sometimes we are at such small out stations there is only a vending machine or a little coffee shop with little options.



Many pilots do bring their own food with them. At my airline, our contract requires that first class meals be made available to us. The food is okay, but it is still airplane food…



I always brought food with me on trips at Horizon. Eating out adds up and I was often too busy to have time to get food while working.

I believe Alaska’s policy requires pilots to be served crew meals on most flights, but they are not first class meals.