Food for thought

Hey folks. I know I can get preachy from time to time but I’d like you ALL to give the attached a quick look. The piece is written by Angie Marshall of Cage Marshall Consulting. Cage Marshall Consulting is one of the top (if not the #1) pilot interview prep, resume review, pilot job consultants in the country. Their book “Checklist for Success” is considered a “bible” when it comes to interview preparation. Anyway again I encourage everyone to take a look and HEAR what they’re saying. (FYI I used their services prior to my Hawaiian interview and found their advice invaluable. I believe they contributed to my success, that and my charming personality :slight_smile: )



Great article to share with everyone. After reading it i just have 1 question. Do you think im too old to start? :joy:

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You Tom? Definitely! :slight_smile:

Are there any women that are pilots?

There are many, many female pilots, at least in the US.

Actually Chris there are MANY, many, many female pilots! Either that or I’ve flown with some very attractive dudes :slight_smile: