For you oldies but goodies


So what real world application does this have? Certainly a check airmen would still need a medical to do IOE, but I suppose they could give line checks without a medical.

Exactly. It would give a Check Airman or APD the ability to still work in the cockpit doing checks and not just the sim (and moves us closer to age 67 :wink:).


Interesting…. I think this could be a good move. Allow the knowledge and experience to be passed down in the flight deck a bit longer while still having pilots under 65 at the controls.


Cause you know pilots turn into pumkins at 65… :roll_eyes:


At Continental, our sim instructors could be over 65, or not have medicals due to health issues. This turned into a group of instructors that were very out of touch with what was going on in the real world of flying airplanes. This is one of the reasons that our current contract requires sim instructors to hold medicals and to fly the line a few days per month.

Ah, but if they can continue to get in the cockpit you help alleviate that problem.

Frankly, in our current world of equal rights for all, I surprised age discrimination is permitted.


I don’t think pilots just turn into pumpkins within aviation in general, there’s always something that one can be doing: i.e., instructing (airline or GA), corporate flying, etc. I see many instructors that are coming back “into the box” after being offered bonuses and such.