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Foreign ATP conversion

Hello everyone!
Im a foreign ATPL holder with an A320 type rating.
I’m looking to convert to an FAA license with an A320 endorsement.
If there any academies in Texas that provide this course please do let me know.


First, you cannot convert a foreign ATP to an FAA ATP. You can however convert your Commercial license and then you’d need to take an ATP-CTP course followed by the FAA 320 type. ATP flight school offers both in Dallas. I suggest you contact them and see if the 2 courses could be combined to maybe save some time and money.


Thanks a lot Adam!
I spoke to them earlier today and they said the same.
Just thought I’d get some more input from here.
Your response is much appreciated.


Just a small point here, but the FAA refers to your legal ability to fly a certain type of aircraft as having a “type rating”, not an “endorsement”.


Noted. Thanks.