Foreign base

Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’m planning on switching career.
As someone from finance, i worked in Singapore before as a US citizen.
As a pilot, with all the USA airlines with so many bases globally , does company ever relocation their pilots to foreign base?
Under UA and AA can pilot base in HK and Delta base in Singapore?


There are actually very few US airlines with foreign domiciles. I am only aware of FedEx having a domicile in that part of the world in HK.


First of all, to my knowledge none of the Major or Legacy airlines have foreign bases. US airlines FLY to a lot of international destinations. There’s a difference. However, pilots are free to live wherever they want in the world as long as they get themselves to work on time.


Thank you both. I thought be nice to live abroad again, but commuting from Southeast Asia would be long and tiring.

Some of the foreign airlines would only hire their own citizens, some would prefer any to fill their pilots shortage (china)