Fort Lauderdale vs Tampa


I have been reading a lot on here trying to decide which location to go to. I have lived in Miami for 2 years and then Key Largo for 5 years. I would love to end up with Hawaiian Airlines! The wife and I really like south Florida. And I think I’d like to be based in MIA, with envoy.

So would you suggest the Fort Lauderdale or Tampa?

Adam, I have been trying to figure out who works as a feeder to Hawaiian, but I can only seem to find Empire who feeds the freight side of Hawaiian. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!
Nickolas Fortney


As far as FLL or Tampa it’s really 6 of 1, half dozen of another. ATP works hard to (and does a great job of) maintaining standardization throughout it’s locations. Choose whichever is most convenient or attractive to you for whatever reason.

As for Hawaiian it’s a fantastic place to work and well worth your attention. The only feeder/Regional we work with is Empire (under the name Ohana) but they actually do passenger service between the islands (they have 1 cargo plane but it’s yet to go into service). Empire pays well and offers a guaranteed interview with Hawaiian after some time. If your goal is Hawaiian I’d definitely look at Empire.


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Thank you very much! I am getting my 1st class Medical this week and then I’ll be doing the financing. So hopefully I’ll be starting in April.

Thank you for answering all our questions. I realized while searching that A LOT of what is asked and answered is repeated information. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions!

Another question. Am I looking too far ahead by researching which regionals will fit my needs and wants? I have been doing research in order to show the wife how this is a good idea, even at my age. I showed her your post in the FAQ section.

Comparing the compensation between Empire and Envoy, makes Envoy (22k signing bonus, plus 20k retention bonus) more attractive than Empire; however, Empire feeds the airline for which I would like to fly. Furthermore, Envoy has a base in MIA, which the wife would like.

After reviewing Empire’s career page for 'Ohana, I think the above statements are invalid. I am going to wait to ask more questions until you tell me I am “jumping the gun” by researching which regionals I want to pursue.


You’re not really jumping the gun by trying to look ahead and have an idea of your career path. The only thing to keep in mind is that things can and do change often and quickly in this industry. Signing bonuses can disappear tomorrow if Envoy gets staffed properly, Hawaiian could cancel it’s agreement with Ohana, North Korea could declare war or a million other things can transpire that will complete change the landscape and cause you to look elsewhere. Again looking ahead is fine but frankly you could do your first stall, roll up in the fetal position and never fly again so I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in which you’ll be flying at :slight_smile:


Adam, thank you. I had a good laugh at the fetal position. It made me think of students of mine (currently I teach scuba and drive boats, I am a USCG Master, aka “Captain”) who thought they were going to be the best diver in the world, but ended up getting sick on a flat calm day. We laugh at vocal and entertaining puking, but usually I end up cleaning it.

Well if you make it out here we’ll do some diving!