Fourteen year old starting flight training

Hi! I am a fourteen year old, ninth grade homeschooled student who is dual enrolled in college courses. I went for my discovery flight a few weeks ago and also received my class one medical clearance. My plan is to enroll in meteorology next fall (2020) after completing my college English and math courses.

My question is this: I am scheduled for a two- hour flight training lesson tomorrow. My parents are concerned about spending a lot of money at this point for me to gain experience and log hours. They are willing to do one two-hour session (at about $400 each) per month for the next year. However, they are concerned that this may not be the best training option for me. They are questioning if I should wait until I am older. I am thinking that it would be good to be able to get a total of 24 hours this year in my log book and then begin taking classes for aviation. At least that way I know it is what I want to do.
Is it ok to go slow like this and just do one two-hour lesson each month?



While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I honestly don’t see much point in starting this early. You can’t get your Student Pilot Certificate until you’re 16 and therefore can’t solo until then either. Further effective flight training relies heavily on consistent training and going up once a month it would be incredibly difficult to progress.

Ultimately the decision is your parent’s but I’d wait till you can get your student certificate to have better established goals and you can train more often.



I understand you are excited, but your parents are correct here. There is really no value at all to you doing flight training now. I would wait at least until you are the legal age to receive a private pilot license, if not longer.

Spend some time reading the forums, learn about aviation, but don’t spend any money until it can actually be productive.