From military to become an Airline pilot

Hi. I am currently enlisted in the Marine Corps. I have about a year left till I get out of the military. I have been looking into to Embry-Riddle to get my degree for Aeronautical science. I believe the post 911 GI bill can cover for everything. I’m just not so sure which school would be the best for me. My end goal is to have a bachelors degree and become an airline pilot. What is the fastest way to become an airline pilot coming from the military?


Riddle is a fine school but it’ll be 4 years before you’re in the position to build time so you can easily add another year to year and a half for that.

If you trained with ATP you’d be flying for an airline in as little as two years. Three years ahead of Riddle.

If “fastest” is your primary goal Riddle certainly is not it.


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Use the search feature for this site (top right on my browser) and type “Embry”. This topic has been run down pretty well. The issue is speed. 2 years for ATP and hour building (from Zero pilot experience) to the regionals (vs. 4 for college). It’ll cost 85 grand give or take at ATP and your GI Bill can only be used for some of the FAA Cert/Licensing fees. The benefit is that for spending the 85 grand you will be two years further along in your career (in the cockpit faster)…and if you’ll be planning to get to the majors that can be extra hundreds of thousands of dollars…so try not to focus on the short-term debt if this career is a certainty for you. Also, your GI Bill will still be there to pay for the bachelors that you’ll need to get a job in the majors.

Anyway, long discussion strings with all the answers are on this site. If you’ve never ever flown a plane…you might want to do that. It ain’t like flying in coach! :smiley:

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