From “One day?” to “Day One”

Well, my first day is next Monday (July 13th) at KCRG. My wife an I have completed our move to Jacksonville, and she has been at her new job for two weeks now. Does anyone out there have any helpful hints or suggestions for me? Thanks in advance.

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about knocking out your writtens, but I’d also recommend finding a copy of Stick and Rudder and reading at least the first few chapters. A solid conceptual understanding angle of attack will allow you to get a lot more out of your first few flights.


My best advice at this point is to listen to your instructors, stick with the program the way it was designed and buckle down and study as much as possible. You will discover what study techniques work the best for you, but it is always good to discuss with others in the program as well.



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