Frontier Airlines Cadet Pilot Program

I currently hold a PPL (Not through ATP) and recently applied for the Frontier Airlines Cadet Program and have completed the first phase of the process (Application, online assessment, and online recorded interview). The next phase is to obtain First Class Medical (Done), secure financing for ATP (Not an issue), and complete an Intro flight with ATP (Done). The ATP Admissions Coordinator told me the next phase will include a Compass Assessment and then an in-person interview with Frontier. I am hoping for some insight on what the Compass Assessment and interview look like at the Cadet level, where no aviation experience is required. Thank you in advance.



Thank you for documenting your experience and good luck on your assessment and interview!



Very cool opportunity! I’m presuming this is new for Frontier (F9)? I will be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen anything of this until now.

Best of luck in your interview and assessment!



As Brady said, this is a relatively new program so I’m not sure anyone has any answers to your questions.

That said I’d imagine it’s somewhat similar to many Regional airline interviews, in a far as none of us who did, ever had any airline experience as well. We therefore were expected to be VERY fluent in the knowledge on our resumes. I was CFI for ATP and was asked about the aircraft in my logbook. I was also asked details about my other jobs prior to flying.

The point all interviews usually have similar goals. To find out a little about you, your life your character and your work ethic and if it’s for a technical position like flying, how seriously you take that. If you’ve only got your PPL that’s fine, but I’d be VERY prepared to answer PPL type questions as well as being familiar with the airplanes in your logbook.


I have applied as well and am waiting for a little more information before I decide if I want to pursue it. For those who have gone through training at ATP and then decided on accepting an offer for tuition reimbursement, did you apply to several cadet academies and then decide which to partner with? It is not clear if this new program from Frontier provides support before completing the coursework, but the early information makes it appear so based on what I am reading, and therefore you commit earlier. Any insight would be appreciated.

What step are you at in the process?

Nick- I have completed the video questions and am waiting to hear back.

I am very interested in their cadet program and have looked into it. I’m currently an ATP student with a private pilot license and currently in the middle of my instrument phase with my checkride probably going to be in the middle of October. I think I might wait to apply once I am done with CFI.


I just did the video interview, does anyone know how many days is the training? Just wanting to figure out how I can survive during training, I have a job that I can keep during training but I am just curious about how many hours is the training a week. Also how long after VI did you hear back from them? When they say they would help with the loan how would they help? My credit is not the strongest but if I have to sell my kidney for this opportunity, I am 100% down. I don’t want to let this chance go away