Frontier program

Are there any other options to get funding for training other then Sallie Mae or out of pocket how does the frontier program work towards new potential pilots pertaining to funding for training!?


Welcome to the forum! If you are unable to secure financing through a credit lender for the program, you may be interested in the Training Support Specialist role. See thread below for details regarding that:

For the Frontier program, you must have gone through ATP’s ACPP and instruct at an ATP location. Around 1,250 hours or so, receive recommendations by ATP and interview with Frontier. At this time there are no monetary incentives that I was able to see for sign-on bonus’, the one good perk is being typed in an Airbus and working with a Major-LLC right out of your 1,500 hours. I cross-checked AirlinePilotCentral as well.

Here is a direct link to the Frontier Partnership with ATP: