Fulfilling the airline pilot dream

hey there, I’m 19 and i plane on being an airline pilot. I’m presently in a community college and plan on transferring to a 4 year college. Do you think i can make it to the major airlines. (p.s i have no experience 0hrs of flight)


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post. Assuming that you do well in flight training and in college I see no reason why you shouldn’t make it to a major airline. Is there some specific thing that is causing you concern?


Hello Clinton and Welcome,

I don’t any reason why you couldn’t make it to the Majors? The first question I have though is what makes you think you want to be a pilot? I suspect you’ve seen planes around or maybe rode in the back of one on your way to vacation or grandmas but by your own admission you have “0hrs of flight”. First thing I would is remedy that by taking a lesson or intro flight. Becoming a pilot while quite possible does involve a great amount of time, effort and of course money. Before I’d start investing in any of those I’d give it a try. ATP has a great intro flight program if you happen to have a location near you otherwise I’m sure you can find a local flight school. Give it a shot!