Full Time job and ATP

Can I work a full time job and still attend ATP school?


The attached is from the ATP website but the short answer is not only should you not work a full-time job, you shouldn’t even work a part-time job.

Many people are attracted to ATP due to the rapid accelerated timeline. ATP takes what usually takes years and compresses it into months. The benefit is obvious but comes with a price. It requires a 100% commitment and failure to do so can, and often does, result in failure. Now this is America and ATP can’t prohibit you from working, but you need to know if you disregard their warning they will not be sympathetic when you fall behind and you will most likely be terminated from the program.


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Thanks for the feedback Adam!


A full time job is out of the question. There are simply just not enough hours in the day, or in the week. Some people manage a part time job with very flexible and limited hours like door dash, Uber, etc. but it is completely AT YOUR OWN RISK.

ATP doesn’t recommend it, the mentors don’t recommend it and if you choose to try it you put both your success at risk and the financial commitment you made.



I have seen it firsthand with students when I was instructing, those that either had long commutes (hour and half or longer and/or working Uber Eats/Doordash/etc.) struggled in the program. There is a reason ATP does not recommend working during the program and that is because daylight and our personal energy is limited. We need time to rest, eat and sleep, along with studying and partaking in our training events. As the others have said, it is AT YOUR OWN RISK and not recommended one bit.