Future Careers in Aviation

Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for a 17-year-old getting their private pilot. Specifically, I was hoping you had advice about going into commercial aviation as a career and maybe tell me what it’s like to work as an airline pilot. Is it a field that is welcoming to women? Especially younger women coming in without military experience? Any help is awesome!


The best advice I can give you at 17 is to continue your education, do well in college, earn your degree and THEN do your training fulltime. If you want to be successful in commercial aviation you will need a degree so it’s best to take care of that while you’re still in “school mode”. Flight training is best accomplished fulltime (as they do in the military or the airlines).

As for what it’s like to work as an airline pilot that’s really too broad a subject to cover in one post or thread. That’s actually the that’s purpose of this forum so I recommend you spend some time going through some of the various threads and posts as you’re certain to find answers to many of your questions.

Aviation has been traditionally a male dominated field over the years but fortunately that’s changed and there are MANY successful female pilots (most of whom have no military experience). It’s sad in this day and age that’s still even a question and I won’t lie, you may hear the occasional negative comment but that’s usually from the passengers vs your co-workers.


Thank you so much!!