Future of Airline Pilot

Hello Everyone! My name is Avreen Dhillon and I am 21 years old doing my bachelors in biology. I am graduating next semester. I am very passionate about being an airline pilot and from the past few years I have been continuously doing research on it and now I am very sure that this is what I want to do in life. I am going to start my pilot training around may of 2024 after graduating. I will get my medical in the next few days and I have also started studying for the PPL.
I have a little story to share that really made me think more deeper. I met a lady today, she was a banker. She told me that she was a Boeing test pilot a long time ago in a different country. I shared my plan of becoming an airline pilot with her hoping that she would give me some suggestions but she took the conversation in a whole different direction and strongly discouraged me from becoming pilot. She said that this industry is not safe for women, and airlines usually don’t hire females. She said that it’s almost impossible to get a job in the airlines and even if you do, they pay you even less than a minimum wage. I honestly don’t believe in this because my research has never supported these statements and this was the first time I heard these things.
I just wanted to make sure with you guys that how true her statements are.
Also, how do you guys see the airline industry by 2027? Will there still be pilot shortage? Would it be very hard to get a job in the regionals after completing 1500 hours?


That’s honestly one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in a while. It’s sad this individual had a bad experience but simply by the fact she talks about “pay before minimum” wage demonstrates she’s living LONG in the past. Starting pay for pilots is higher than it’s ever been and while there are still more men then women flying, in the almost 20yrs I’ve been flying, I’ve seen zero discrimination nor the environment being anything near dangerous.

As for what will be in 2027, while it’s forecast to still be very good, none of us can predict the future. That said if you truly have a “passion” for flying, that really shouldn’t matter should it? When I started there was no shortage and pay was below minimum wage but that didn’t stop me or my peers. We truly had a passion for the industry and weren’t dissuaded by the fact it was going to be tough.

On second thought maybe your friend was even trying to test your statement of passion which is rarely in the same sentence as easy?


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I think the key was that she came from another time and another place. The only thing I’ve ever heard is that US airlines are ecstatic about hiring women, and I’m sure their HR policies ensure that it’s “safe for women.”

As for the pay, if you truly love to fly, should minimum wage bother you?

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I think your friend is way out of touch… women are still a minority in the industry and that comes with more subtle unique challenges but that’s the extent of it. You shouldn’t be fearful or discouraged to pursue such an amazing career over that.

No one has a crystal ball to foreseen future hiring demands but legally airlines aren’t allowed to discriminate based on gender, so if there are jobs there is just as much opportunity for you as your male counterparts. Pay is also higher than ever before.

If you’re still interested in flying, get in touch with your local girls in aviation group. There you will meet pilots in all stages of their careers and can give you more first hand experience. More women are starting to fly than ever before and the culture is changing.


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