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Future Prospects of Flying with an OUI

It is never an easy thing to tell a group of strangers about what was the most embarrassing moment, yet eye opening moment in my life but here it goes:

In December of 2019 I was pulled over and issued a field sobriety test under suspicion of driving under the influence in which I promptly performed yet failed. While I consider it to be my rock bottom, from that moment until now I have done everything in my power to get myself back to where I was in life and have successfully done so.
I have even gone as far as to quit drinking almost entirely and I have never operated a motor vehicle with any levels of alcohol in my system since then.

As great as that might seem it still doesn’t negate the fact that it happened and that it’s now on my permanent record

From 12/2012 to that point i have been living my life as a professional truck driver and due to the merits of my years of service and my flawless driving record once I had served my penalties issued by the state I was able to retain my job as a truck driver making around 100,000 a year.

The reason I’m here is that since the age of 7 I have always had a primal desire to be an airline pilot. I graduated high school with honors but since the job market for pilots back in 2012 was not quite where it is now, and that the cost of school coming from a lower middle class family was not prohibitive for me to afford pilot training I decided to pursue my fallback in being a truck driver.

At the age of 27 I have now afforded myself an opportunity to become a pilot if decide it’s in my best interest as I can now afford to attend ATP if so choose.

So to get down the actual question: given the circumstances of the events that have played out, is there any possibility of being able to find a worthwhile job in the aviation industry that can match the pay I am at now?

My desire has always been to fly for FedEx as an MD11 pilot but would be happy flying for any cargo/ passenger airline that would be willing to have me

I have 0 apprehensions about being able to complete all the required course work and being able to fufill the requirements that are asked of me to be able to be hired on.

I have thick skin and don’t mind true criticism as I know the nature of the offense that I committed at one point was a nail in the coffin.

Thank you for any response that I do get.

Thanks for all you do

Keep the blue side up



If this is truly all you have on your record, and you manage to stay perfectly clean moving forward, my guess is that you will be okay.

If the goal is FedEx, I actually think your larger issue is not having a college degree. (If you have one, my apologies, but you did not state it). FedEx is one of the premier positions in the world for a pilot. The competition is fierce for those positions and if you have a blemish, like a DUI, you will need to counter that with checking every other possible box.



I echo every thing Chris said. If that’s you’re only offense you should be fine, provided you remain clean, do well in training and yes have a 4yr degree.