Future Regional Hiring?

I heard that the regionals will be hiring a lot for a couple more years and then the majors will be hiring a lot, while the regionals hire much less. Is this true? I’m just curious. If I finish 2 more years of high school, 3-4 years of college, 2 years of flight school, then that’s around 7-8 more years until possibly becoming a regional airline pilot. Should I be worried about going that path and do some online college while in the regionals?


This whole Corona pandemic through a wrench in things for a little while but both the Majors and the Regionals are both expected to recoup and both should be hiring for many years to come. We always recommend finishing school first and again the industry may need some time to catch up but finishing up college while at a Regional is something to consider. Fortunately you’ve got some time and we should have a better idea then.



Everything has kind of been thrown for a lop with Covid-19, but the general trend is that all of the airlines will be hiring well into the future. As the major airlines hire new pilots, they typically pull from the regionals, meaning that the regionals then need to hire new pilots, and the circle continues.


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Oh yea that makes sense, I guess I don’t have to be too worried. Thanks for your reply!