Getting certifications

Are there any pilots out there with ideas on alternative/more affordable ways to get your certifications other than through a program? Thanks!

You can always “pay as you go” through a local flight school or find a local flying club that offers flight instruction. The pace of that approach is substantially slower (been there done that) and your up front savings will be negated by lost potential income on the back end of your career due to a “limited shelf life” of professional airline pilots. All I can say is do your research and compare all the numbers instead of just what it’d cost you to get your licenses and ratings.


Looking at program costs can be very daunting. The reality is flight training is expensive. $200 an hour might sound much cheaper than $70,000 but the fact is you’re going to end up pying one way or the other. In many cases doing it slowly, piece by piece will inevitably end up costing you more.


MS flight sim… :wink:

No. Please don’t do that. Adam already said it. Flying is expensive. That’s why most take out a loan.


Thanks guys for the input! Are there any apps/ study material you would suggest I check out to give me a leg up while I’m on the wait list for the program to start? Iv had no exposure to the pilot world so that’s also daunting lol but ever since my pre flights with my friend it’s definitely my future path!

Just take as many written exams as you can.