Getting Degree

Currently I do not hold a 4 year degree, Im currently 23 and want to jump start my career in aviation. Here is my game plan and please advise if this recommended.

  1. Hopefully attend ATP already accepted just have to work out financing
  2. Instruct for ATP
  3. Work for Regional
  4. While working for a regional obtain a 3-4 year degree online
  5. By the 4-5th year hopefully i would have my degree and will apply for a major airline
  6. Work for a major airline
  7. live happy ever after lol

is the game plan realistic? Please provide feedback :slight_smile:


While the 4-5yrs to a Major might be a little optimistic (but feasible), and obtaining your degree online/part-time does require a tremendous amount of discipline and hardwork, yes, I’d say that’s a realistic game plan.



That is pretty much my plan. So far it’s working… :slight_smile:



I am going to agree with Adam on this that your game plan is reasonable, with the possible exception being that there is a very good chance that your tenure at the regional airlines could be longer than five years. Good plan though, make sure to follow through on the degree.