Getting Started finding a path

Hey guys, new here. I have read a couple of topics on the question I’m about to ask but wanted to go a little further. I am 44, have zero experience as a pilot, except for my flight sim which is what is triggering my interest and fueling my passion. I understand that it’s not too late for me to get started as an airline pilot, what I want to know is is it harder to get a charter gig. I would be just as happy flying a 208 filled with packages as I would a 737 with people in it. I love flying. Any info on paths would be helpful.


To begin with, the very first thing that you need to do is go take an introductory flight. That is the only real way to tell if you are interested in flying professionally. Flight Sim is a fun game, but it is just that, a game.

I don’t think that you would really be just as happy flying a 208 as a 737. It isn’t just the type or size of the airplane, there are significant pay, benefit and safety advantages that come with working for the airlines (including the regionals).

But to answer your question, there are jobs out there flying small airplanes and they can be had. Jobs flying jets for charter departments can be hard to get as it is very much a connection-based side of the industry. The vast majority of professional pilots fly for the airlines.



As is sometimes the case, I’m going to disagree with Chris AND with you. You may be as happy or happier flying a 208 then a 737. I’ve known people who’ve made it to the airlines and found it wasn’t really for them. Thing is YOU don’t know if you’d be as happy or even “love flying” as you proclaim because you’ve never done it. You do perhaps love the idea of flying and that’s fine. But as Chris said, before you spend another minute pondering a career as a pilot you need to go fly!


I agree on the fact that I need to go do a flight but I have been
fascinated with aviation since I can remember. If someone came to me and
said were gonna train you and give you a job as a cargo pilot for 40-50 a
year, and I’m not saying that’s what I would get out the door, im just
using an example. I would jump all over it. Its not a out the money its
about the art. I can see where Chris is coming from to a certain extent
with the flight sim. I dont look at it as a game since I’ve learned real
world knowledge out of it but at the end of the day I am still sitting at
the desk right?? Just was wondering how much harder it is to go prop career
vs. Jet career.