Giving up a good income for Pilot Training

Hello all,
I’m 22 and currently have a very well paying job (about $80k/yr). But I want to become a pilot. I have two kids, so I can’t just leave my job and go fly all day. And even if I start flying, based on my research most entry-level pilot jobs pay less than what I am currently making, and I don’t want to put my family through that hardship.
Is it going to make sense for me to become a pilot through a school like this? I’ve considered going through the military as well, would that be better for someone in my situation?

Thanks all!


First off if you did enlist in the military you’d be taking a much bigger pay cut for a much longer period of time.

As for flight training only you can decide what’s worth what for your family. There’s never been a better time to become an airline pilot and the potential rewards are many times greater than the salary you’re making now. That said nothing is free and becoming a pilot will require some sacrifice, which it doesn’t sound like you’re willing to make? The advantage to ATP is it will get you there faster thus minimizing the timeline till you catch back up. Regardless again it will require a paycut and some sacrifice as do many things in life. At least those of value.


Hi fellow Jacob,

The only good reason for joining the military is because you want to, and you feel you have a duty to your country. You will have a pay cut to deal with for a long time in the military as well. What most concerns me is your statement that you don’t want to put your family through the hardship of flight training. Having started a family while in the military, I can tell you there’s almost no hardship bigger than that. My wife is almost giddy about the possibility of me being a pilot after the Navy. Just something to think about.


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Becoming a pilot requires many sacrifices. For some, more than others. For those that want it bad enough, they find a way.

All the information need to help you make this decision is out there. How much money you will need to set aside, how much debt you are comfortable with, how much support you and your family will need and which school is right for you is for you to figure out.