Going to regionals

Are you guys seeing laid off major pilots taking regional jobs? What are laid off pilots doing for work?

That isn’t done, as the majors and the regionals are separate companies. The most junior major pilots are furloughed.


I honestly do not know any major airline pilots that have been furloughed. I know Delta let some go and so did American, but it was limited numbers. I did hear that CommutAir had hired a mix of both furloughed mainline pilots and pilots that were new to the airlines.

Yes, the regionals and majors are separate companies, but regionals do often hire furloughed mainline pilots.



We have 73 pilots out on furlough. Some have taken jobs with their former Regional, some have gotten cargo gigs and some have gotten local work (Home Depot, McDonald’s, etc). There are many factors that lead pilots down different paths. What I can tell you is that none of them are happy.