Good Degrees?

What would you say are some good degrees to get outside of aviation? I read through another discussion where it was said to not bother getting and aviation degree, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what would be a good idea.


Ok ready? The single best degree to get outside of aviation is (drum roll)… ready?.. whatever degree Eva wants! Yes it’s that simple.

The idea is having a backup in case aviation doesn’t workout or you simply want something else to do later in life. It can literally be anything you like from business to art and anything in between. Totally your call.


If you don’t have an interest in anything else outside of aviation, a business degree, finance or journalism are all great degrees. They can all be widely applied to many different kinds of jobs in any city you could ever live in. Remember, it’s a back up you want to be able to count on.



Really anything that interests you and that you can see doing as a career should aviation not work out. The major airlines just want to see a degree, the field of study is not important, so pick something that you find interesting and go from there.



I would pick something you could fall back on or even to potentially use as a side gig.


Thank you all for helping!