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Good luck!

So a I’m a 717 pilot which means I have a DC-9 Type rating. It also means I fly the cockpit on the top but I’m legal to fly the one on the bottom! Ha good luck!FB_IMG_1594423654382


Intimidating - whew

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That’s about how I felt going from the G1000 Skyhawk into the Seminole! “I have how much time to get used to this?”

Kind of true…
Just a little


I’m only 15 going to an early college High School becoming a sophomore. All my life I’ve been wanting to be a lawyer. But recently I’ve found an interest in Piloting. I feel happy and proud to the thought of becoming a pilot. I only feel happy about becoming a lawyer sometimes. I have the fear that I will become very stressed working as a lawyer and someone who is unhappy in life that doesn’t take time away from doing their job and doesn’t spend time with family. Do you have any advice on what I should do? What should I start doing if I want to become a Pilot? What’s the difference between a private pilot and another pilot? What can I start doing to help me get there? Other info on school is that I have a 3.7 gpa and hoping to get it higher throughout school. Last semester I had a C in Physics and the rest A’s and B’s.


At 15 the best advice I can give you is to work hard and do well in school. While you can get your Private license at 16 you can’t work for an airline for many years.

The internet has a wealth of information on the subject (incl this forum). Do some reading. You may feel further drawn to aviation but you may find other things get your attention. You’re young and have time. No decisions need to be made anytime soon.



Please check out the FAQ section on this website and ATP’s main website as there is a ton of information on both.

I second Adam, focus on your grades and get the best GPA possible, the pilot stuff will all come later.