Grants to help

Ok so I’m trying to be independent and not have to get a co-signer. Is there any grants or other forms of help other than sallie Mae.


I went through meritize which used my college credits/transcript to determine my eligibility in receiving the loan and their belief in me being able to pay it back eventually.


Unfortunately flight training is expensive and there aren’t many grants or scholarships of significant value. A few thousand dollars here or there but that’s about it. Regardless here are some to check out:


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There are very few grants or scholarships available for flight training. The vast majority of people take out loans and most of those people need a co-signer. It is still worth applying on your own though to see if you qualify, then re-apply with a co-signer if need be,



Like Chris and Hannah said, flight training scholarships are rare and also small. It’s a hard sell. Flight training is expensive and it’s impossible to measure a person’s aptitude for aviation without actually going through a flight training program.

So, while it may be hard to find money on the front end, hope is not all lost. There is still tuition reimbursement and sign on bonuses and the bonuses are higher than they’ve ever been in history.

If you don’t have the funds now, financial independence won’t come until later. You’ll have to work hard for it, but it’s possible. The potential earnings of this career far outweigh the upfront cost.


Is $107,000 dollars enough to cover the full training cost of ATP, including housing, FAA Examiner Testing, checkride, school supplies, refundable and non refundable deposits, and an extra $1,000 dollars to spend?

I must apply for a private student loan independently without a cosigner when I have enough credit history to generate a FICO Score. I will apply for $53,500 dollars with Sallie Mae and another $53,500 dollars with Meritize after 6 months of credit history.



Follow this link: Sallie Mae Application FAQ / ATP Flight School

Check all of the boxes that apply to you. Your cost of attendance will be totaled at the bottom.

Let me know if you need help.