Ground Instructor, AGI, IGI

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, but how does one become a ground instructor, advanced ground instructor, or instrument ground instructor? Is there any online program that can be used to earn them? I know it requires a knowledge test. I do not plan on becoming a CFI or CFII or MEI at this time.


You take the either the IGI or AGI AND the FOI FAA Knowledge Exams, fill out a form 8710, march into your local FSDO and they’ll issue you the certificate.

Easiest cert you’ll ever get.


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What is form 8710?

It’s the same form you fill out for every check ride.


FWIW, at least some FSDOs don’t let you go in for your certs any more. I had to make an appointment with a DPE. $40 and I was out. My FSDO is San Antonio.

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Can confirm. Additional cash stream for DPEs in Central FL as well. Some do it for free. Some charge $100 for their sign-off.

Sergey, where are you in Central Florida?

Do we need to talk to a DPE though for GI? I heard that we do not

The DPE isn’t testing you, he/she is just doing the paperwork that the FSDO used to do. San Antonio won’t do GI certs at all any more. Some offices suggest using a DPE for expediency.