Ground School Recommendations

Does ATP provide ground school for the private pilots written test? Or would it be better going out and purchasing an online ground school course? If so what are your recommendations on what ground school to take for the private pilot written test. Thank you :+1:t2:

Sporty’s Study Buddy via phone app is the way to go for your private pilot written. :ok_hand:t2:

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While ATP does provide ground school, studying for the writtens is really a different process. The FAA Knowledge exams really don’t follow the curriculum and therefore are best taken (if possible) prior to starting your training. With that in mind its really a matter of rote memorization as you have no context and will actually learn the information later.

With that in mind Sporty’s Study Buddy is the way to go.


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Everything you need to know about the written tests can be found here: Get Ahead By Taking FAA Knowledge Tests Before Starting ATP / ATP Flight School