Ground school steps

Is ground school at a part 61 or 141 the first step getting my private pilots license?

After ground school is completed, do I take my FAA written exam?


I recommend you take a look at our FAQ section but here’s the deal. Some schools start with ground school, some finish with it, some offer it concurrently with flight training, some don’t offer it at all. The FAA Knowledge exam must be completed before you take the practical exam (checkride). The Knowledge test is good for 24mos and as long as you take your checkride within those 24 mos you’re good. As I previously said to take the exam you must get a sign off from either a CFI or the company that provided the software.

Now here’s the important part, the Knowledge exam is a check off required by the FAA but it does not follow any formal curriculum nor will it prepare you to earn you license which is why (again as I said) online is best for the Knowledge exam since it’s simply rote AND most courses (whether online or classroom) for the purposes of passing the Knowledge exams are NOT labeled as ground school but Test Prep. Ground school will provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to actually fly the plane and will in most cases occur along side of your training. Make sense?


It kinda makes sense. However, during my ground school or before, when I do flight training, will those hours count for building time? If that makes sense.


Whenever you fly if you log the hours they count. Before, during, after… the flight hours are yours.

If you’re concerned about flight hours and want to be a professional pilot you should be looking at flight schools and starting your training. The school you choose will help you determine when and how much ground school you need vs you trying to piece this together on your own.


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Ok thanks. So, during my ground school, I can start flying with my flight instructor?

I’m going to do ground school through part 61.


Please take a look in our FAQ section for a post called “Questions for any Prospective Flight School”.



Again, you can start flying before, during or after.

This is really a conversation you need to have with your instructor.