Ground school vs Flight training

Hi all,

Now, that I decided to start my training in June, since I am doing my master’s (in something unrelated to aviation at all) , I won’t have any classes from June to August, in your opinion:

  • Is it better to finish the ground school in 2 month and after that I start flying, or,
  • To start them as usual, few ground sessions, followed by a practical session(s) and so on ?


  • Option one will give me some time to save money for what comes next
  • Option two will be slow, I can’t afford more than one session per week.


What’s BEST is to wait till you graduate and train fulltime as flying once a week is incredibly inefficient and ultimately WILL cost you more time AND money. That said if that’s the route you chose I’d actually save the ground school until you get close to the end of your training. If you do it first chances are flying 1 session a week will take you over a year to get to the point where you’re ready for your Private checkride. If it’s been a year (or more) since your ground school it’s unlikely you’ll be in a position to pass a detailed Oral exam. I’d wait.



Thank you so much for your replay,

As you know, I have a full time job now, and it is a cool job, but eventually I’m going to give it up for sure, but not now. why? to avoid one of the biggest challenges of professional pilots, (training debt).
I’m trying to keep this job as long as I can to fund my training. so full time student pilot is not an option at this stage.
But it is becoming more clear that I should cut the funding for my master’s and focus on flight training, since both of the posted options are not really efficient, and waiting for graduation is another year to waste, which I don’t wanna do.

Anyway, Thanks again Adam for your deep understanding, I’ll slow down and see.
will keep you posted.


I would never want to discourage higher education, but if being a pilot is your goal, then there is very little point to getting a Master’s degree. The major airlines do not require one at all and it is really going to slow you down in getting to the airlines. Just some food for thought.



Thanks a lot, not discouraging at all.
To me, The master degree is just something I started, and I would love to finish it, but since it is acting as a drag force against my flight training, I’ll simply add more power to the training, and I’ll be flying :slight_smile: