Guard Weekends Accomodations

Hi there, this is my second post and I’ve searched for this question and have not found anything related. So I am recently 18 and have been accepted to flight school at the University of North Dakota (inspired to apply partially thanks to APL). I am super interested in any job after college to build my hours and have fun flying! I’m in the MN Army Guard (yes army, they pay for more of my education). I am a 15P Aviation Ops Specialist and will have to do drill weekends every month. Generally speaking, will airlines be hesitant to hire me if I have minor limitations in my schedule? I am a year into my 6-year contract, will I have to wait to start at a company until my contract is finished? Thanks for all you guys do.


You’ll be fine. The company will have a policy for Military Leave of Absence. When it’s time to bid for your schedule, try to bid around your drills. If a schedule conflict arises, follow company guidance. At Horizon, contacting the Chief Pilot and Crew Scheduling as soon as the conflict is known will relieve you of your pilot duties.


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Thank you very much.

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As Tory mentioned, your employer will make accommodations for your military commitments. I know a couple KC-135 Air Force Reserve pilots out of Kansas that fly for Endeavor.


The airlines hire National Guard and reservists all the time, it will not be a big deal at all.

I am curious, what will your out the door price from UND be with all of your classes and flight training?



The airlines will not be hesitant at all and while I’ve never served I can tell you they’re generally very accommodating.

My only caveat is I know of some Guard pilots who use their guard status to effectively “cheat” seniority by getting holidays etc off. While this is not illegal it will not endear you to your fellow pilots.