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does it matter how long your hair is if it’s always tied back? because i have really long hair and i don’t want to cut it


This is from my airline’s manual:
“Hairstyle should be conservative and reflect a professional, business like appearance. The bulk or length of the hair will not interfere with the wearing of headgear. Hair will be nearly groomed and will not present an extreme, ragged or unkempt appearance. Hair holding ornaments must be of a natural color or transparent and will be inconspicuously placed.”

This is pretty standard language and if your hair conforms you’re good.




I have not seen any women with hair past their waist. I am not sure how the company looks at such things, but crazy long hair will probably be frowned upon.


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My company manual says almost the exact same thing. In addition to “any long hair that falls below the middle of the back must be pulled up at all times.” As long as your hair looks professional and doesn’t interfere with you performing your duties on the job, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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