Hi I am working on my CPL with plans to go to the airlines. The only issue somewhat is that I have long hair, when I don’t wear it back in a ponytail its about shoulder length. However, I almost always wear it back like that, and have had no problems at previous engineering jobs or interviews regardless as I have kept it in a nice clean matter. I understand that airliners have different grooming standards and have done some research but I am coming across some mixed points (although I do not know if those are reputable users). It seems to me that the vast majority of pilots have a short clean-cut style, I am alright with cutting my hair for interviews and if required keep it that way (as this career matters much more than my hair!) However I greatly enjoy having it long as does my girlfriend. So in essence I am asking if I kept it clean and nice looking as I have been, would it be acceptable to have long hair pulled back and thus “above the collar”.


This policy varies between airlines. I would say that it is okay for the
interview. If you get hired, the company will provide you with their
policies and procedures and then you’ll have your answer.

Personally, I don’t know, nor have I seen, any male pilots with hair as you


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I can tell you that shoulder length hair will not be acceptable at any airline (honestly have you ever seen an airline pilot anywhere with shoulder length hair?). I’d plan on cutting it unless your girlfriend owns an airline.



Adding on to this question, are pilots allowed to dye their hair? More specifically dying their hair to a natural color. Such as from black to blonde or black to brown.


Hair dye is fine as long as it’s a natural color. No pinks, blues, zebra stripes etc. You get the idea. That goes for piercings, tattoos, or whatever the flavor of the day should be.

How about this to kind of wrap up this subject, if you think it might be a problem or might be considered “radical” the answer is probably no.



Would a small tattoo that cannot be seen while wearing clothes be a problem?

Not at all. Most airlines require the tattoo(s) to be concealed. Other
airlines are starting to bend their rules and allow tattoos to be visible,
depending on what the tattoo is and where it is located. An example is the
recent merger with Virgin and Alaska. I am told, don’t quote me on this,
that Alaska has changed their policy to allow tattoos to be visible. Again,
I have not read the policy myself. Yours is covered by clothing anyway so
you don’t have anything to worry about.


Yes, it could be an issue.

I received conflicting answers, who do I believe? xD


I’ll break the tie, if it’s not visible you’re fine if it is you’re not.


Hey Chris, can you elaborate on this? What would cause a non-visible tattoo to be an issue?

Thanks for your time!


I misread the original question, I thought that Brandon was asking about a visible tattoo. Obviously a non-visible tattoo would not be an issue, as it is not visible.


Hi Troy,
Well as of now 14 and my dream is to be a pilot and i did a lot of research for it and i just want to get more information from actual pilots. So i have like 3 question first one is did you go to college to become a pilot if so which one? Second question is how much did it cost? Third question is what are some good companies to go and work for?


The minimum age requirement to participate on this forum is 16. To answer your questions, I went to Cal State Long Beach. I majored in a non-aviation related field. Please visit my bio and the FAQ section for more information.


First answer CSUN college
Second answer 35,000-40,000 $