Happy New Year everyone

I was reading about this trend sometimes ago and I’ll like to say you guys are inspiring people.

So I started my private pilot license class yesterday and hoping to go on to become a commercial pilot i am 28yrs old with a Bachelor degree in Psychology

But I have always wanted to be a pilot please I am seeking advise I am doing my program at United Flight Systems Cypress Texas.

Your kind advise will be appreciated.


If you’ve spent any time reading this forum you know in general we’re not fans of piecing your flight training together at your local flight school. Local flight schools (like United) are great for recreational flying but if you’re serious about becoming a Commercial pilot you should be training full-time the way the airlines and the military do. I recommend you spend some time ready some of the posts on this forum and seeing why we feel the way we do.



Check out this link: Questions For Any Prospective Flight School