Happy Thanksgiving

I know that this is an forum for aviation related questions and hopefully I’m not messing up that flow. I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I do have some question, which do you prefer?

Ham or Turkey

Dressing or Stuffing

I like Ham & Dressing

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Both and Both.
Happy Thanksgiving and Peace to you all!

Happy Thanksgiving Al’Vincent and everyone! :turkey:

Depends on the type of ham, we talking ham loaf or baked ham; same with turkey, if we are talking about butterball :rofl:

And most certainly, stuffing!


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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is spending time with their loved ones (enjoying it optional).

Neither. Anything but is fair game.


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BFries, I’m talking about honey baked ham. That’s what I always eat with some dressing and collards. OMG too good!

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I personally think that Mexican food should be eaten three meals per day, every day. Everything else is just a distraction :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving!



I had no idea!