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Have you seen/experienced anything like this?

Look at what happened to the plane the OKC Thunder were flying on from MSP to MDW (DAL8935)! The article said it happened at “30,000 feet” but Flight Aware says they only got up to 27,000 (not sure if that makes too much of a difference) and were travelling at 479 kts. Flight Aware also indicates they dropped to 24,000 at 12:07 AM, and then down to 10,100 at 12:21 AM, before landing at 12:46 AM.
Nobody was injured.

Delta addresses Thunder plane damage en route to Chicago

I would put zero credence in an aviation reporting you read as it is notoriously wrong, or in Flight Aware data. Airplanes change altitudes all the time for traffic or turbulence reasons. It looks like they hit a bird, simple as that. The difference is that these players had ramp access where regular passengers would not and therefore there would not be photographs of it.

I have hit several birds, but never had damage like the Delta flight did. My father hit a bird at 12,000 feet and destroyed the outer panes of the windshield on a 727. They did an emergency landing back into LAX, but everything was okay.

I’ve had a few bird strikes but nothing that dramatic. It actually happens all the time. No biggy except if it goes through a window or you’re Sully!



@Adam lol!
Regarding Sully, how is he viewed in the aviation community? Granted, all I know about him is the press I’ve read and Tom Hank’s portrayal of him… Which, by the way, if I ever get on a plane and see Tom Hanks, I’m turning around and getting off. He doesn’t have a good track record of being involved with uneventful flights! :wink:

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He’s clearly a good pilot but I’d like to believe that most pilots, as professionals would do as well. He also made some comments in the past regarding Regional pilots that I take exception to. Honestly not something most pilots discuss other than how bad the movie made the NTSB look.