Having a degree before atp school

Hi…so I finished my Bsc degree in computer science back in my country before relocating to the US as a permanent resident. I wanna do my masters in Physics before going to an atp school in Morristown. The only problem is I need to take a subject specific GRE test in physics before I’d gain admission and I have no knowledge of physics as I studied computer science. Is there any advice you can give me because I read that it gives you an edge when applying for a commercial pilot job for a major airline due to thr competition. And obviously being a permanent resident and not a natural born gives me concern. Please I need advice from you guys since you already are there. I’m just turning 20 this year by the way. Thanks


Not sure who gave you that information but a Masters in Physics, while a great accomplishment, won’t make you any more competitive or desirable to a Major airline. Nor will being foreign or not a citizen (provided your English language skills are up to par) make you less desirable. Majors require a 4yr degree and pilots with clean records, good experience and solid recommendations from their peers. Not trying to dissuade you from continuing your education but if you’re doing it solely to enhance your resume for an airline I’d say pass.


Btw, I appreciate you’re only 20 but if you’re serious about aviation you need to stop with the “SavvyMarvy” “King marvelous” handles. This isn’t Twitter.

Having a physics degree will not in any way help you secure a job as an airline pilot. Flying credentials are what you need and you can only get those from a flight school.

As long as you are a permanent legal resident, you should not have any issues gaining employment from an immigration standpoint.

Thank you so much sir for the advice. I already had my 4yr degree albeit in a different country. I dont know if it would be acceptable here in the US thats why i wanted to add to my qualifications. I finished with a 4.42 GPA on a 5 scale rating but USA uses a 4 point grading system. Please whats the best advice you can give me

I think the first thing you need to do is some Googling to see if your degree is recognized in the US. If it is you’re fine and if it isn’t at least you know you’ll have to get one. I’d start here: https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html