Having Allergies and Flying

I have heard that if you have certain allergies that it is somewhat of a hindrance, as you are not allowed to take allergy medication while flying? Any truth to this?



You will need to contact a FAA medical examiner to ask these questions. For various reasons we stay well clear of answering any medically related questions on this website.


There is allergy medication you can take. Talk to your AME about a prescription level or bring what you have been taking in with you and they can let you know if it is all right, if it’s not, they can reccomend ones that are. I have non-drowsy pills that are approved for me to take while flying and other pills I can only take IF I won’t be flying within 24 hours.


As Tucker said there are things you can take PROVIDED your allergy symptoms aren’t too bad. I know quite a few pilots who suffer and other than getting yelled at for not moving their mics out of the way when they sneeze it’s not an issue.

As Chris said to be certain you should consult an AME as everyone’s particular situation can be different.



As Chris and Adam have said, only an AME will be able to approve
medications. If you’re currently on any kind of medication you need to talk
to your AME immediately.

I also want you to know that I ran into this problem last year. I developed
an allergy to garlic. My AME was able to approve Claritin for me.
Hallelujah because garlic is very difficult to avoid.